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Candy Cane Candle Taster Tin - Personalised

Love Candy Canes? Then this fragrance will tantalise your senses. With tones associated with buttermint and white mint leaf, this fragrance conjures up images of those childhood red and white minty candy canes.


Your candle will be personalised.  If you would like your candle to be dressed in its CDH design please select Candy Cane Candle Taster Tin - CDH Design from our shop.


To personalise your candle please refer to the guide included in the images above for guidance.  Then complete the Candle Wrap & Candle Lid Fields following the instructions below.


To complete the Candle Wrap & Candle Lid Fields simply copy the corresponding text below and replace TYPE with the text as you want it to appear on your candle.  Replace TYPE with BLANK where you do not want text.  Alternatively simply type CDH Design in the Field box if you want that part of your candle to be our standard design.  


Candle Wrap

Wrap Header Text (TYPE) / Wrap Line 1 (TYPE) / Wrap Line 2 (TYPE)


Candle Lid
Candle Lid Date (TYPE)

Candle Lid Large Text (TYPE)

Candle Lid Message Line 1 (TYPE) / Line 2 (TYPE) / Line 3 (TYPE)      
Candle Lid Blank - BLANK        


Candy Cane Candle Taster Tin - Personalised

  • Our candle taster tins contain approximately 70g of wax and have a burn time of between 15 and 20 hours. These tins measure 6cms wide by 4.5cms high. 


    Please see our candle care & warnings information for how to stay safe when using your candle and how to get the most out of your candle.   All of our candles will come with this information alternatively you can find this on our website.