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Fesitve Spice Reed Diffuser - CDH Design

This scent embodies brisk forest walks on a winters morning with the warm loveliness of Christmas spices and joys of open log fires.  Fresh pine embraced by cinnamon, clove, ginger & orange. 

This reed diffuser is dressed in its very own CDH Design.  If you would like to personalise your reed diffuser box select Fesitve Spice Reed Diffuser - Personalised from our shop.   


Festive Spice Reed Diffuser - CDH Design

  • Our reed diffusers hold 100ml and come boxed along with 8 reeds.  

    Please see our candle & reed, care & warnings information for how to stay safe when using your reed diffuser and how to get the most out of your reed diffuser.  You can find this on our website.