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Favour Tins - Personalised

Candle gifts/favours not for everyone? Lined and ready for a gift of your choosing our favour tins make ideal event/wedding favours either in their own right or as an alternative to our candle tins.


You can choose to order your favour tins on line or you may find it easier to refer to the 'How to Shop Page' of our website and contact us directly.  


To personalise your favour tin please refer to the guide included in the images above for guidance. Then complete the Tin Wrap & Tin Lid Fields following the instructions below. Don't forget to tell us what colour you would like and to select Parcel Force Express 48hr Delivery at checkout.


To complete the Tin Wrap & Tin Lid Fields simply copy the corresponding text below and replace TYPE with the text as you want it to appear on your favour tin. Replace TYPE with BLANK where you do not want text.  If you would like different text on each of your favour tins, where you want the text to appear please enter the type of text you would like e.g. Guest Name/Table Number etc and message your list separately to your order to dianne@cdhcreations.co.uk.


Tin Wrap

Wrap Header Text (TYPE) / Wrap Line 1 (TYPE) / Wrap Line 2 (TYPE)


Tin Lid
Tin Lid Date (TYPE)

Tin Lid Large Text (TYPE)

Tin Lid Message Line 1 (TYPE) / Line 2 (TYPE) / Line 3 (TYPE)
Tin Lid Blank - BLANK



Please use the notes box on your order to advise of your chosen font colour. 

Please refer to our colour chart. 


If in doubt please contact us directly. 


Favour Deluxe Tin - Personalised

  • Our deluxe tins measure 7.5cms wide by 6cms high.