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Geranium - Wax Melt

A robust floral scent with a citrus infusion.


A great alternative to our candles our wax melts are all about your chosen scent! 


Enjoy. x    



Geranium - Wax Melt

  • Our wax melt bars contain approximately 80g of wax.

    For use only in suitable tea light warmers or UL listed electric warmers approved for wax melts. To use simply remove your wax melt bar from its' packaging and break it up in to its' individual chunks.  We recommend starting off with one chunk then adding additional chunks when you feel you need a scent boost.  Do not add water.  

    Our wax melt packaging measures 9cms by 7.1cms by 2.6 cms not including the 1.7cms at the top for hanging.  Our packaging is recycable and vegan friendly.  

    How long your wax melt will last is down to personal preference as it does depend on how strong you like your scent to be.  We have undertaken tests on all of our melts and our minimum burn times are based on the scent still being dominate within the space tested.  As such burn times vary between scents as some by thier nature are more subtle than others.  Our burn tests were done using a ceramic tea light warmer 13cms high.

    Minimum burn time - Geranium, 40 hours.  

    Please read the warning label on your wax melt carefully before using.