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'The Utility Room' Reed Diffuser - CDH Design

Do you love the smell of freshly laundered washing? Then this fragrance is for you.  A fragrance that will fill your room with that wonderful fresh, clean, breezy scent and all without going anywhere near your washing machine. 


This reed diffuseris dressed in its very own CDH Design.  If you would like to personalise your reed diffuser box select 'The Utility Room' Reed Diffuser - Personalised from our shop.   


'The Utility Room' Reed Diffuser - CDH Design

  • Our reed diffusers hold 100ml and come boxed along with 8 reeds.  

    Please see our candle & reed, care & warnings information for how to stay safe when using your reed diffuser and how to get the most out of your reed diffuser.  You can find this on our website.