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These contemporary wax melt burners have a lace imprinted heart design.


These burners are made up of 2 parts, a heat proof glass dish and burner channel with intregral base. The tea light sits in the bottom of the burner on the base and the glass dish sits on top of the burner channel positioning the dish over the tea light.   


The heat proof glass dish is strengthened to increase resistance to breakage caused by impact or sudden, uneven temperature changes. 


Handmade each burner may vary slightly from the images shown.


You can opt to have your wax melt burner gift boxed for an additional £2.  All of our wax melt burners should be used with stanard unscented and non coloured tealights only.


Check out our shop for beautifully scented wax melts to accompany your burner.

Buy a burner and 2 wax melts and save £1.  Simply select the Burner & Melts product in our shop to access this offer.

Wax Melt Burner - Heart


    The wax melt burner stands approximately 9.5cms high and just under 8cms wide. 


    The gift box 105mm by 105mm by 105mm.


    Please see our wax melt burner how to use and warnings leaflet for how to stay safe when using your burner.   All of our burners will come with this information alternatively you can find this on our website.