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Our taster candle tins contain approximately 70g of wax and have

a burn time of between 15-20 hours.  These tins measure 6cms wide by

4.5cms high.

Both the lid and tin wrap can be personalised.

Ideal for event/wedding favours.

Our gift boxes gift either 4 taster tins, 4 deluxe tins or 4 luxury candles.  Our taster tin gift boxes measure 15cms square by 7.5cms high whilst our deluxe tin/luxury candle gift boxes measure 20cms square by 10cms high.

You can gift by scent collection or choose 4 scents from across all of the collections to create 'Your Personal Collection'.

The gift box can be personalised.

Currently available for Taster Tins Only.

Our deluxe candle tins contain approximately 170g of wax.

These tins measure 7.5cms wide by 6cms high.

Both the lid and tin wrap can be personalised.

Our reed diffusers hold 100ml and come boxed along with 8 reeds. 

The reed diffusers box can be personalised.

Currently available in The Utility Room, Tropical Fusion, Tropical Sunset and

Wild Fruits.

Our wax melts contain approximately

80g of wax and are available in several stunning scents.

See our shop for details & availability of our wax melt burners.

You can choose to have your wax melt burner gift boxed.

Our favour tins are available in sizes to match our taster and deluxe candle tins.


Dressed to match our favour candles our favour tins are lined ready for a gift of your choosing.

Our luxury candles contain approximately 220g of wax and come in glass containers. 


These glass containers measure 8cms wide by 9cms high.

Our luxury candles can be gifted with a gift box and/or silver candle lid.

The candles gift box can be personalised.