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Inspired by all things home!

Fresh Grass

Our fresh grass scent is springtime itself!  This scent conjures up images of spring time, daffodils, sunshine and laughter and is the perfect scent to get you through those endless dark winter days.


Eucalyptus & florals' sit on a base of woods, amber & spice to create a luxuriously rich scent to warm & calm.

Morning Coffee

Love or hate the drink, the smell of coffee conjures up images of warmth, friendship and of course cake!  This fabulous scent is coffee without the caffeine hit.

The Utility Room

Do you love the smell of freshly laundered washing? Then this fragrance is for you.  A fragrance that will fill your room with that wonderful fresh, clean, breezy scent and all without going anywhere near your washing machine. 

Champagne & Cocktails

Inspired by bubbles, love
& laughter!

Clementine Prosecco

This bright, effervescent  scent conjures images of tall glasses overflowing with bubbles laced with succulent orange segments.  Prosecco, sweet juicy orange segments combined with light grape and floral notes. Sunshine in a scent. 

Pink Champagne

Bursting with sweet grape aromas.  This fragrance is subtle and uplifting.  You can almost smell the bubbles.



This fragrance conjures up images of mint sprigs muddled with sugar and lime juice, laced with rum and a dash of soda, swimming around a mountain of ice.  Let’s get the party started!!

Pina Colada​

You can almost taste this sweet cocktail as the aroma hits.  Close your eyes and picture the familiar blend of rum, coconut cream, pineapple juice and ice glistening in your glass, complete with cocktail umbrellas, as you sit back and relax.  

Pure Indulgence

Inspired by nature.

Tropical Fusion

Encapsulating an array of tropical fruits to create a fragrance which is bright, vibrant and invigorating.  A fusion of lemon, lime, cassis, pineapple, mango and passion fruit supported by a heart of peach, apricot and plum, resting on a base of musk and dry fruits.

Tropical Sunset 

Dreaming of warm tropical sunsets filled with cocktails love and laughter? Hints of peppery basil and aromatic white thyme give this fragrance its musky, sensual undertone whilst its twist of lime, mandarin and orange zest delivers the essence of the Caribbean.  


Sensual Sage

Imagine breaking costal waves filling the air with sea salt and spray.  Combine with the rugged scents of coast line and then lace with the woody earthiness of sage.  What does this give you?  A relaxing sensual fragrance, perfect to accompany your daydreams.

Wild Fruits

The sweetness of fig and wild berries in this fragrance are in perfect contrast to its earthly undertones wrapped in an array of floral favourites including hyacinth and jasmine.


Inspired by elegance, opulence & serenity

Japanese Daydreams 

Every day is a spa day.  Japanese Daydreams has camphoraceous base notes of woodsy balsamic cedarwood infused with the fresh floral scent of Jasmine.


Floral Seduction

Seductive & relaxing.  Jasmine, orchid, water lily and rose, laced with black cardamom, ginger and pink pepper, lay on a bed of leather, sandalwood, kyara incense, patchouli and black amber.  Totally lush!


Thai Delights

Fresh & bright.  Centred around a blend of lemongrass and freshly grated lemon peel infused with ginger roots and coriander seeds, this scent is the ideal citrus hit. 


Oriental Infusion

Fresh & invigorating this scent leads with notes of white tea, lemon, mandarin, pear and green tea supported with a light floral background infused with amber and soft woods. 

Sweet Tooth

Inspired by sugary treats.

Candy Cane

Love Candy Canes?  Then this fragrance will tantalise your senses.  With tones associated with buttermint and white mint leaf, this fragrance conjures up images of those childhood red and white minty candy canes.

Lemon Sherbet

If lemon sherbets could be a fragrance then this is what they would be like!  Bursting with lemon and sweet fizzy effervescence enhanced with light undertones of whipped cream, this fragrance is lemony loveliness to be enjoyed.  


This fragrance conjures us memories of roasting marshmallows over an open fire.  Its sugary creamy fragrance laced with vanilla, musk and heliotope is truly yummy.  

Parma Violets

Do you remember Parma Violets?  Tones of green violet leaf and violet flower enhanced with parma violets, warm rose and freesia mean this fragrance oozes a fragrance associated with the much loved sweets.

tinsel & baubles

Inspired by tinsel & baubles.

Christmas Pudding

Christmas Pudding, love it or hate it, this scent is pure sticky fruitiness and we love it!  Sultanas, raisins, figs and pears, enriched with cinnamon, almonds and orange peel topped off with intoxicating hot brandy. 

Mulled Wine

This scent warms the soul and is just perfect for those cold winter nights.  Warm wine and sweet berries accompanied by bay, cinnamon and ginger on a vanilla base.  Bring on the Twinkles!

Festive Spice

This scent embodies brisk forest walks on a winters morning with the warm loveliness of Christmas spices and joys of open log fires.  Fresh pine embraced by cinnamon, clove, ginger & orange.  

Roasted Chestnuts

This scent is just warm loveliness, perfect for nights tucked up by the fire when the world outside is dark and cold.


Inspired by the English Country Gardens.


A robust floral scent with a citrus infusion.


Sweet floral scent of honeysuckle with hints of honey & ripe citrus.


This scent is bursting with a floral aroma to freshen & brighten any room.

Rose Garden

This scent conjures up images of slow dreamy walks through traditional English country gardens. 


Inspired by Succulent Fruit.

Blueberry & Vanilla

A sweet, mouth-watering fragrance, fresh blueberries with nuances of strawberry, raspberry & blackcurrant on a substantive base of vanilla. 

Floral Pear

Vibrant & refreshing, sweet pear laced with honey sweetness wrapped in a fusion of vibrant floral scents.

Raspberry & Peppercorn

A luxurious warming scent with fruit floral notes of ripe raspberries warmed with red & black peppercorn. 

Strawberry & Rhubarb

Fresh & fruity, a strawberry & rhubarb blend supported by notes of raspberry, green apple, pear & vanilla. 

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